RGB 10 different lighting modes
Adjustable 6-Stage Fan Speed
Lcd Control Panel
Suitable for 10-18 " laptop
USB port: dual USB port
Material: Alloy + Plastic
Product size: 410 * 280 * 34mm
Fan size: 115 * 115 * 15mm (2pcs)
Fan speed: 1200 ± 10% RPM
Airflow: 72CFM
Voltage: DC 5V
Noise: 17-20dBA
Current: 0.8 A
Power: 5W/1A
Adjustable angle: 6.5-45 degree
Cable length: 60cm
Weight: 950g


Specially designed for gamers, INCA INC-607 GMS Arrax II will increase your gaming pleasure with its new generation RGB LED fans. In addition to its high speed and silent cooling capacity, you will experience a perfect visual feast with 10 different lighting modes adjustable from the LCD control panel.

The Inca Arrax II RGB Gaming Notebook Cooler has 2 high-speed 115 * 115 * 15 mm RGB fans. RGB Led fans offer powerful airflow, high speed and full performance, preventing your notebook from overheating.

Thanks to the Inca Arrax II RGB LCD Gaming Notebook Cooler control panel, you will be able to apply the mode you want. The game will add maximum excitement to your enjoyment.

With the Inca Arrax II RGB Gaming Notebook Cooler, you have quiet and maximum fan power, do not worry about heating. You can adjust your 1200 RPM fan power as you wish, so you can have the cooling you need.

Inca Arrax II RGB Gaming Notebook Cooler, thanks to its specially designed ultra-wide ventilation channels and metal wire surface; The speed of the fans will provide high cooling power, preventing heating over the entire surface of your notebook.

Inca Arrax II RGB Gaming Notebook Cooler With 7-level height adjustment, you can adjust the angle that suits you best while playing games. Its non-slip and double-legged design will increase the carrying capacity by preparing a solid ground.


Thanks to the removable notebook holder, you can remove your cooler when you are not using it and insert it into its place behind the cooler.
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