Inca Technologies Co, was established in 1998, and has become well-known with its network products from the beginning. The company started to grow simultaneously with the demand for technology increasing all around the world. In 1999, the product range expanded with multimedia products (webcam and earphone), house electronics and sound systems. In 2010, a family of products such as Keyboard-Mice sets, ADSL Router, TV Cards, LCD Monitor, Power Supply, Cable, DVD Player became the new members of the Inca brand.

Inca has continued enchancing its share in the market and competetive power through its economical and high-quality products for home and office users.Inca, has managed to gain customers’ trust by putting ‘%100 customer satisfaction’ idea on the top of the list with in all the products. High-quality, not expensive and user-friendly products have aroused interest in everyone. In total, Inca products are made in 14 different factories, and it has now 230 kinds of products in 5 categories.

The two golden products that have brought us this far are Tv Card and Modem. Today’ s most popular products are Mouse and Keyboard.

INCA Technology Co., has created its own R&D department in order to follow technological
developments closely and to implement its new projects effectively. In addition to that, Inca
designs its very own visual concepts, such as color boxes with its very own team. With our R&D team, Inca plans to produce its very own design of products and has already begun working on these projects. Within next couple of years, INCA aims to triple its scale of production and power of investment.With the support of our customers and distributors, Inca will continue to produce more comfortable,more fun, more useful, but still high-quality and not-so-expensive products.One of our biggest projects is designing our own products.
As our motto indicates ‘Always the best quality’, we always present the best quality and this is the most important feature that distinguishes us from our rivals. Our goal is staying as a strong brand, creating new ways of helping people and adding new products and becoming widespread. We are working hard to be a leader on our field, with our high-quality service and products. We are looking for partners that can help us to reach people all around world who deserve first class products with less money.

Always led by integrity and honesty, we plan to spread our high-performance technological products
all around the world via distributors so that everybody can reach them easily, and maintain
our high quality pre-sale and after-sale service with our expert customer-oriented support team.
We wish to serve our customers fast, seamlessly and economically.

We will carry our market share on top, which has been increasing over the years, thanks to our
successful production management, both in Turkey and all around the world, in the meantime
abiding by our principles.